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Proven, cost effective, year round, advertising and marketing programs.

More targeted traffic = More sales. . .

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· Reach tens of thousands of area brides online

· Reach 25,000+ with our magazine offline.

· Increase your traffic and conversion rate.

· Increase your sales 10% to 25%+ What would that be worth?

· Use a proven product that works for you year-round (365 days - 24/7)

· 120,000+ readership (4-6 persons per Planner Not a coffee table magazine)

Why we are different and more effective than any other marketing program:

· YOU reach pre-qualified engaged couples at the beginning of their planning and purchasing cycle.

· YOU get a controlled, free distribution handed out as a free gift through Bridal Shops, Jewelry Stores, Bridal Fairs, Banquet Facilities, Bridal Registries, and we are the exclusive vendor at David’s Bridal where they put our magazine in every bag for the brides and are distributed at their entrance. Over 100 locations in CT From Enfield to Middletown and Manchester to Meriden.

· YOUR marketing message is delivered by the only publication consistently placed in the bride’s hands early, with an average purse life of 2-24 months.

· YOU receive the hottest referral leads lists of pre-qualified engaged couples on Excel files, 90% w/emails. Leads range from 2 to 36 months prior to the wedding.

· YOU can dramatically increase your website and business traffic and reach thousands with a specific marketing message every two to three weeks asking for action on their part to visit your website, call or come in with our:

NEW! Direct Marketing Made Easy Program! We do ALL the work!

· We will direct market to thousands (minimum 5,000) brides-to be with your individual sales and marketing information each month. We will even create the copy and design the sales letter and send it out for you. You simply sign up and we do the rest. See rates and information click here

NEW for 2010 Exclusive Client Newsletter sent to 10,000 brides to be

· YOU'LL reach 10,000 brides to be each month with your marketing message, and or link to your helpful article(s) or website / wedding page(s).
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· YOUR advertising dollars with The American Wedding Guide are highly targeted, more efficient, more effective, and less expensive than any other bridal publication or media. Literally pennies per book and lead.

· YOU'LL be in good company. Join our family of quality merchants in a well respected and quality publication for over 18 years and growing.

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Creating revenue for merchants for 18 years, utilizing proven and
innovative marketing solutions. We Get Results!

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Guaranteed Results!
Call for details 860-558-4140

Annual hard copy magazine Rates and Specifications

Package I - Total Marketing
Display Ad, Referral List and Directory Listing(s)-hard copy and online

Size                                                      Rate

Full Page


(860) 558-4140

1/2 Page

1/4 Page

2 Page Spread


2nd page, same size, different category

2nd page, smaller size different category


Package II - Display Marketing
Display Ad and Directory Listing(s)-hard copy and online

Size                                                      Rate

Full Page

(860) 558-4140

1/2 Page

1/4 Page

2 Page Spread


Package III - Referral Marketing
Referral Leads List and Listing(s)-online only

Product                                                 Rate

Referral Leads List

(860) 558-4140

Includes the past two years



Position                                                 Rate

IFC Inside Front cover #2

(860) 558-4140

IBC Inside Back cover #3

BC   Back Cover         #4

Production (Layout & Design)
Ads not furnished camera ready to our specifications will incur the following:

Size                                                      Rate

Full Page

(860) 558-4140

2 Page Spread

1/2 Page

1/4 Page

Our graphic design team can also help with most of your design and printing needs. Just call for a quote, (860) 558-4140.

Payment Terms

50% at time of contract and balance with proof copy. All ads must be paid two months prior to publication date.

5% discount for total prepayment at time of contract.

5% discount for two year contract and prepaid at time of contract each year. Incentive –locks in current rate. Excludes ‘Guaranteed Results’ offer.

50% discount for each additional ad (same size) in the same issue from published rates. (example; Receptions, Caterers, Ceremony Sites, Hotels)

30% discount for the second ad of a smaller size in the same issue from published rates.

All rates net.

We accept payment by Checks, VISA or MasterCard

The American Wedding Guide magazine Specifications

Ad Size

Live Area

Trim Size

Bleed Size

Full Page

5.75 x 9

6.25 x 9.5

6.5 x 9.75

2 Page Spread

12 x 9

12.5 x 9.5

12.75 x 9.75

2/3 PG Square

5.75 x 5.875

6.25 x 6.125

6.5 x 6.25

2/3 PG Vertical

3.75 x 9

4 x 9.5

4.125 x 9.75

1/2 PG Horizontal

5.75 x 4.375

6.25 x 4.675

6.5 x 4.75

1/2 PG Vertical

2.75 X 9

3 x 9.5

3.125 x 9.75

1/3 PG Horizontal

5.75 x 2.875

6.25 x 3.125

6.5 x 3.25

1/3 PG Vertical

1.875 x 9

2.125 x 9.5

2.5 x 9.75

1/4 Page

2.75 x 4.375

3 x 4.675


Leave ¾” for gutter on 2 Page Spread

Acceptable File Formats and Specifiations

Native Mac or PC files accepted

(please indicate which platform you are submitting)

•  On CD, QuarkXpress 6.5 or lower, Illustrator CS or lower

•  All file formats must include screen and printer fonts.

•  All graphics must be included; tiffs, jpgs, eps., including hi-res scans, logos and artwork

 •  Minimum 300 dpi or pixels (high resolution) with 300% maximum density and should be CMYK or Gray Scale.

•  PDF’s (unlocked) with correct fonts and graphics properly imbedded

•  Ad file that is press ready must include a color proof

•  Do not use spot colors. Specifying Pantone colors can produce inaccurate results.

•  Graphics: Bitmap or pixel based graphics must be in CMYK format and saved as a Tiff or EPS image. Images should not contain or use transparency, spot colors, compression, JPRG previews, halftom screening, transfer functions, vector data, image interpolation or DCS separations. When using clipping paths with EPS files, set the flatness value to no lower than 4. Vector based graphics must be in EPS format. When pixel based images are embedded in the graphics the original graphic file must be included. All logo type must be converted to outlines (paths).

NOTE: Consistency and repetitiveness are the main keys to any successful advertising or marketing campaign.

The American Wedding Guide offers the most consistent and highly targeted year-round, proven marketing and advertising program in Connecticut .