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Reach 10,000* Brides-To-Be every month.

YOU’LL reach 10,000 brides to be each month with your marketing message, and or link to your helpful article(s) or website / wedding page(s) audio or video messages.

The American Wedding Guide Monthly Newsletter

Product Rate:
Annual Rates:
I Text Message:
$600 annually or $60/month
minimum 10 months credit card only
II Banner Ad: Like the
(limited availability)
$600 annually or $50/month
minimum 10 months credit card only
III Text and Banner Ad $1000 or $83/month
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IV Top-Ten Featured Merchants link w/one line offer/teaser $297 annually limited availability
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SPECIAL BONUS: SAVE an Additional 20%
When you choose all three. Text, banner and top 10.

FREE: Become a published "expert"! We need informative, interesting and helpful articles and editorials for this newsletter and to possibly be used in our hard copy magazine and or online. You'll receive credit for writing it and a link to your website in the credit.

NOTE: The keys to direct marketing are consistency and repetitiveness.

The Text Ad: You'll receive 320 characters approximately 80 per line, 3-5 lines maximum, and run 12 times per year starting in January.

You need to supply 10 to 12 text messages for us to insert for you.


Your Own Email Marketing Campaign Newsletter/Sales Letter

WE do it for you, minimum reach 5000 brides per month. $140/month includes program
minimum 10 months credit card only
We do it for you minimum we reach 10,000 brides per month. $177/month includes program
minimum 10 months credit card only
Do it yourself w/consulting $200 for a 2 hour set up account and tutorial.
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$47 to $77 per month for the program 5000 or 10,000

You need to commit to a minimum of 10 months.

Solutions: Expense or Investment?

The amount of wedding business that you do is directly related to the number of brides introduced to your services.

How many Bridal introductions have you made this week?

How many follow up contacts will you make to earn her business?

The lack of time, personnel resources or sales and marketing expertise is a poor excuse not to properly pursue the bridal leads made available to you.

Every single wedding business can achieve double digit growth, whether you are a 25 year old company or just getting started.

The reason is very simple: Your prospective market (the brides) far exceeds your ability to serve them all.

How many do you need to book to achieve double digit growth?

Your website and business is no different than a highly productive sales person. You simply have to feed it leads to make it a very valuable investment.

Our fees are comparable or less than most other forms of advertising.

The BIG difference is we initiate and sustain contact with the bride on your behalf.

We do not wait and hope ‘she’ contacts you.

More importantly, we do not stop until she opts-out or secures your services with a deposit.

Our Promise: We will make contact with a minimum of 5000+ brides to be or more, every month.

Three Options:

1. NEW! eMail Marketing Program Drives Targeted Traffic!

We Do Everything: - Copy Writing - Layout & Design

- Set Up and Implementation of a Professional Email Marketing Program

-You reach approx 5000 to 10,000 Brides-To-Be EVERY Month.

2. Two-Hour On-Site Consulting: We set it up and get you trained and started.

$200 onetime fee. Use this link

3. Do it yourself – Use the above link. It’s a professional email marketing program.


1. Reach your target audience in a professional pleasing manner, in a consistent effective format that will increase website, telephone, walk-in traffic and sales.

2. Receive the referral lists of the brides that we are sending to. Critical if you intend on any follow up of your own.

3. Save valuable time and resources in creative, layout design, planning, graphics, and learning how to put together an e-zine newsletter, sales letter etc.

4. Save money. The convenience of our service will save your valuable resources (staff, time and money)

5. Save the trouble and the additional expense of printing, stuffing, stamping and mailing the old snail mail way. However, If you have the funds to utilize our leads with snail mail methods then we encourage you do at least 5,000-10,000 at least quarterly for the best results.

6. Prevent any legal hassles. We have eliminated any legal issues with spam laws.

7. Become well known as an expert in your profession, and set yourself apart from the competition.

8. Increase your business 5%, 10%, 25%! What would that be worth?

We have been surveying our clients, concerning this service and realized the critical need and the major benefits for all parties concerned. You've told us this service, which would allow you to consistently send your compelling message to a warm market and entice the brides to contact you would be worth from $25/month to $500/month with most of you saying you'd pay $100 to $125 per month.

We have a super special program for the savvy advertisers that knows the importance of a strong multimedia approach.
We have helped hundreds. Let us help you.

“True Wealth and Happiness Comes From Helping Others”

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